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5 Reasons Flexible Eating Might be For YOU!

More on Flexible Diet Plans:

5 reasons why flexible dieting might be for you:

1️⃣More accurate way to count calories

2️⃣Can be more successful than rigid diet plans

3️⃣You don’t need a coach (but might want one)

4️⃣It isn’t a DIET

5️⃣You work it around your lifestyle

Traditional diets can be restrictive. Restrictive diets can cause poor eating habits down the road; in addition to, emotional overeating.

With flexible dieting, you can fit in that chocolate bar and you don’t have to cut out foods. It is definitely a more enjoyable lifestyle.

With that said; however, it is a harder diet to “manipulate.” What does that mean? Well if you ever hit a plateau or want your body composition to change drastically and have an athletic lifestyle/mindset…this is not the best option IMO. This is also not for the person that needs accountability or for the individual that has chief complaints revolving around certain foods. What does that mean? If you are suffering from high inflammation or any clinical disorders, I do not recommend this plan. It is too difficult to monitor or tell what could be contributing.

Positively speaking, this is for the individual that is tired of being restricted, needs a change, wants a more relaxed eating style. This can stop binge eating habits and emotional overeating.

Most importantly, I want you to learn that there is NO bad food.

Think it’s for you or want to give it a try?

Full Flexible Meal Plan = $115.00

Upgrades/Changes = $55.00

Get in Touch:

FB: @nutrigoalsbysc

IG: @nutri_goals

Text: 860.390.1412

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