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💥 CLIENT SPOTLIGHT💥 The Scale is NOT the Whole Story!


Client came to me for help with debilitating joint pain and weight loss. Together, we realized her food specific IgG markers showed a sensitivity to eggs and wheat. After removing eggs/wheat from her diet; in addition to an anti-inflammatory supplement regimen/ meal-plan, my client can now climb stairs, workout, and continue her love for swimming. After implementing an anti-inflammatory diet, my client’s weight loss journey became that much easier.

My client’s mindset has changed drastically for the better. Food is no longer an emotional crutch for her, her guilt surrounding “mistakes” have diminished, and her WINS have been nothing less than beautiful. Her self-awareness has grown into an amazing journey for herself.

My client started with me on June 1 and is down 4.6lbs. However, this is a perfect example of a client where the scale is just an extra tool and not the whole story. Improved joint pain, improved self-awareness, and weight loss shown in pictures/inches... all WINS in my book!

Beyond honored to be a part of her journey!

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