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How it Works

1. Consultation

Every client starts off with a confidential one on one meeting after filling out a detailed health questionnaire to ensure dedicated time to help decide which package is best for your challenges, goals, and overall health. 

On-site and virtual options available. 


2. Custom Plan

One on one sessions and program materials teach you the foundations of nutrition, mindset control, healthy food options, and helpful tips for success.

All meal plans and lifestyle coaching are individually customized with your specific goals in mind. Healthy foods you choose are put on a specific meal-plan to meet your goal/s.  Every client is assessed as an individual.  There are no two meal plans alike.


3. Check-Ins

Regardless of which package is chosen, all clients check-in with nutritionist/coach 1-2x per week via email.

Check-ins are required to assess progress and for changes to meal plan.

Check-ins provide accountability, assessment, and support. Excellent way to hold clients accountable for their goals and an opportunity to communicate challenges, wins, and goals to your nutritionist/coach.

Clients are responsible for weekly check-ins. In person check-in options available for local clients.

What Do I Believe In?

I believe that developing an educational foundation in nutrition and creating a healthy lifestyle is the optimal equation for long-term success.  I do not believe in restriction; instead, I teach an "all foods in moderation" mindset.


I will meet you where you are to help you reach your specific goals -whether, that is weight loss, lowering inflammation, or helping with chronic illness. 

Functional Medicine Approach

Functional medicine is a whole-person, root cause approach to health

My approach/goal is to:

  1. Hear you fully

  2. Gather a detailed history and understand ALL your symptoms (even the ones you think are unrelated)

  3. Pull more data if needed via labs/conversation

  4. Figure out why your symptoms are presenting and target the root cause

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