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All about that GUT


Dysbiosis is the state of disordered microbial ecology that causes disease.

It may exist in the oral cavity, gastrointestinal tract or vaginal cavity. •

In dysbiosis, organisms of low intrinsic virulence, including bacteria, yeasts and protozoa, induce disease by altering the nutrition or immune responses of their host⁣.

Maintaining proper balance of intestinal flora has major impact on health especially as the widespread use of antibiotics can disrupt the normal flora.

Intestinal dysbiosis may contribute to:.

🍒Vitamin B12 deficiency 🍒Steatorrhea 🍒Irritable bowel syndrome/ulcerative colitis 🍒Inflammatory bowel

🍒Psoriasis 🍒Eczema 🍒Cystic acne 🍒Chronic fatigue⁣

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