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Client Contract/Policies


  1. I fully understand that Stephanie Colacicco is a clinical nutritionist and is NOT a licensed medical doctor. I also understand that diagnosis or treatment for any disease or health condition is beyond the scope of any clinical nutritionist. If I have any disease, health problem, or health condition, I am now being advised to seek qualified advice from a licensed physician.

  2. I am here as a client, on this or any subsequent visit, solely on my own behalf and not as an agent for federal, state, or local agencies on a mission of entrapment or for any investigative purposes.

  3. I understand that the above named practitioner teaches clients how to build their own health through training in the effective use of life-style modification, pollution avoidance, clean air, pure water, proper foods, rest, exercise, meditation, goal orientation, positive mental attitudes, stress reduction techniques, and adjustments of factors affecting overall health.

  4. I realize that any evaluations including dietary practices are not medical in nature and are not used for diagnosis or treatment of any health condition or disease. I know that such evaluations are not approved by any branch of the medical profession and are not approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

  5. I understand that the review of any medical tests I bring with me is for educational and monitoring purposes only and NOT for the purpose of diagnosing or treating any disease or health condition.

  6. Demonstrations on the use of exercises, finger pressure, thumb pressure, massage, etc., are NOT to be construed as treatment for any disease or health condition.

  7. Recommendations, suggestions, and reference to meals, menus, or nutritional supplements are for body building, increased stamina and energy, and general health maintenance and do NOT involve nor imply any diagnosing, prognostication or prescribing for the treatment of any disease or health condition.

  8. I understand that the clinical nutritionist named above is dedicated to educating clients to help themselves to better health with emphasis on education and self-care. The bodymind-spirit philosophy of holistic health is not accepted nor recognized and agencies considered as health authorities may not agree with holistic approaches where clients must shoulder responsibilities for their own health. Educating clients in holistic health may be considered an inexact science with many variables. Results from life-style changes are neither constant nor predictable.

  9. I have read and understand what is written above. My signature below signifies that I agree to retain the above clinical nutritionist to educate me through lecture, testing evaluation, and demonstrations in methods available for me to help myself to improve my overall general health.

  10. I have notified Stephanie Colacicco of any and all medications and/or supplements that I take and/or existing physical and/or medical limitations or conditions.

  11. I hereby waive and hold Stephanie Colacicco harmless from any and all claims arising from this agreement and/or participation in his/her nutritional program(s).

  12. No refunds given for nutritional services; including Lifestyle Coaching plans.

  13. Purchases made in the Health Shoppe are returnable up until 30 days after day of sale for store credit only.

  14. Client is responsible for sending/completing check-ins. Nutritionist/Coach does not chase for check-ins. Additionally, changes to meal plans will not be made without check-ins received from client.

  15. I understand that effective coaching and ultimately my own success is dependent on my full compliance to exercise and nutrition prescriptions. If I deviate from my plan for any reason, I will not hold Nutri Goals accountable for any lack of progress or regression in my desired fitness levels.

  16. I understand that while I am free to and encouraged to read various sources of information regarding health and fitness, using such information to self-modify my plan or self-prescribe any aspect or variable of nutrition and training will result in potential termination of the coach/nutritionist and client relationship.

  17. I understand that it is my responsibility to provide feedback and submit my updates on time and as requested and agreed to depending on my service plan or package. Such updates include phone calls, texts, and e-mails.

  18. Cancellation Policy: I have read and understand the details of the service package or plan I have or am about to purchase. I understand that Paid-in-Full (PIF) plans are NOT refundable but MAY be frozen at any time and for any length of time. I understand that Subscription Plan down payments are NOT refundable but MAY be cancelled within 30 days of the next billing cycle. I understand that all services provided end promptly on the last day of each plan or package.

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