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Personally, I think the key to adapting to a healthy lifestyle change and seeing results while "dieting" is to eat foods you enjoy -unless they are damaging to your health. I don't label foods as good or bad. I believe that creates a poor relationship with food and the mind. Rather, I include foods into your plans that you want/enjoy because I see this creating lasting results.

You SHOULD be able to factor in what you love and still reach your goals. You SHOULD be able to sit down with your family and enjoy a meal.

What is my philosophy and how do I approach it clinically and as a coach?

I always start with a prescribed meal plan.

Why, seems counter-intuitive? Most of my clients need to learn how to eat, healthier food choices, and portion control. Can you eat Twinkies and still reach your goals? The answer is YES...but you have to learn moderation, control, and how to view food first. Once these learned skills are acquired, I usually switch my clients over to a flexible eating plan. Why do I do this? I personally have experienced that more of my clients are compliant and enjoy their lifestyle more when they can incorporate foods they love.

You should NEVER miss food. You should NEVER feel guilty about wanting a certain food.

My philosophy is and always will be that what is right for one person, is just that, right for one person.

Clinically, if I find the foods you are eating contribute to your chief complaints then they are not included on your plans. Why eat something that is leading to your inflammation? However, if chocolate does you no harm...I say have it.

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