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What Do I Expect From My Clients in Lifestyle Coaching?

I talk a lot about what you can expect from me. However, accountability goes both ways. You've put an investment into yourself by working with here is a list of what I would expect from you.


I expect you to show up and do the work. That means following through on what we initially agree upon OR communicating clearly if that is not working for you.

I expect you to be accountable. Accurate and on time recording of workouts/food/check-ins as this gives me the whole picture so that I can support you BEST.

I encourage you to put aside all that came before, and be open to new ways of thinking about food and fitness.

To put your trust in me and yourself.

To send progress photos. Too many people are uncomfortable with this, but it is to your benefit. It can feel daunting taking these, but I am looking for postural changes, potential mobility issues along with any changes to your body composition. Your images are stored in a private password-accessed encrypted folder and will never be shared with anyone but ME. I treat all progress photos in the strictest confidence.

To set SMART goals with me. Every 4 weeks we will create new ones to build on your continued success every time. These should help keep you motivated and feel like you're winning at each mini milestone.

Make yourself an investment that you STICK to.

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