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Tip Tuesday.. from Stephanie’s Brain to Yours

Today’s Tip Tuesday is to DRINK MORE WATER.

💧Water is over-looked💧

The body is composed of nearly 75% water and is required for many essential functions:

💦Water is utilized as a solvent. It provides a means to transport nutrient, hormones and other elements. It is used to produce hydroelectric energy, especially in the brain. It is also essential for maintaining cell structure. Chronic dehydration (talking about years without enough water for what you should be drinking) can lead to a decrease in these functions.

💦Depression may be exasperated by chronic dehydration. The amino acid tryptophan is required by the brain to produce the neurotransmitter serotonin, which subsequently is needed to make melatonin. An adequate amount of water is required for tryptophan to be transported into the brain. Dehydration may limit the amount of tryptophan available to the brain and to complicate matters, the histamine levels may actually stimulate tryptophan's breakdown in the liver.

💦Another possible complication of dehydration is joint pain. The cartilage in your body, including your joints, is composed mainly of water. As cartilage surfaces glide over one another, some exposed cells become worn and peel away. New cartilage is normally produced to replace the damaged cells. Due to the lack of blood vessels in cartilage, water is needed to transport the nutrients required for maintenance and repair. Dehydration may increase the abrasive damage and delay its repair, resulting in joint pain.

That’s all for today, from Stephanie’s brain to yours on TIP TUESDAY.

💧Drink more water💧

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