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Thyroid Sluggish? (OR) Adrenals Spent?

Feeling sluggish? Unplanned weight gain? Diagnosed with Fibromyalgia? Have you had your thyroid checked?

How can we help support our thyroid with nutrition?

💥Limit uncooked goitrogenic foods

💥Soy products in moderation or not at all

💥Bromides are a common endocrine disruptor -found in pesticides used predominantly spray strawberries, vegetable oil, and some flours.

💥Avoid fluoride and chlorine (found in tap water)

The following supplements help support the thyroid:





Are your adrenals spent?

▫️Skin problems

▫️Hair loss

▫️Autoimmune disorders

▫️Low sex drive



▫️Inability to handle stress

▫️Poor memory


How can we help support the adrenals with nutrition?

🔘Impereative to control blood sugar levels

🔘Eat every 3-4 hours

🔘Eat before becoming hungry

🔘Nutrient dense meal plan

Need your adrenals checked?

🔊No problem, let me know. We can do a salivary cortisol test that recognizes adrenal fatigue in all of its stages.

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