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Porca miseria‼️ You are a badass! Now, act like one.

🗯Knowing you need to change your health is NOT the same as doing it🗯

You might be the most honest person in the world, but there is ALWAYS one person you are willing to lie through your teeth to…Yourself.

Hard truth, right?

Of course, you don’t mean to, but how often have you said to yourself (and even believed it) that you were going to make a major change to your diet or lifestyle only to find that you didn’t follow through⁉️

We are all pretty good at spotting our faults and even identifying what course of action to take if we want to fix them......BUT

🔅It is consistently sticking to it and repeating those actions which proves impossible time and time again.🔅

At work, your boss, your co-workers and your clients hold you to your commitments.

BUT when it comes to your new diet plan or exercise regimen, you only have yourself to answer to… and it is all too easy to make excuses!

It is not impossible to make headway on your own, but the gains you make will too often be temporary. You can only force yourself to be disciplined for so long before your willpower is drained and you fall into old habits.

Over time, accountability for your actions will help you transform those new and difficult tasks into lasting habits that will shape a new you to be proud of.

You need someone who will support you, but who is not afraid to tell you the hard truths and keep you in line.

Where can you find someone to keep you accountable while still keeping to your busy schedule?

🛑I got you!✅💯

Get in Touch:

FB: @nutrigoalsbysc

IG: @nutri_goals

Text: 860.390.1412



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