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Overcoming the SCALE!


“I gained a pound this week! What am I doing wrong?”

“My weight stayed the same this week! This isn’t working!”

“I only lost two pounds this week! I want to quit!”

Do any of these sound like you?!

If so, time to RELAX.

It is NOT possible to gain 5 or 3 or 1 pound of fat overnight. Absolutely impossible! Body fluctuations of 1-5 pounds a day are perfectly NORMAL.

👉🏻The following factors impact the scale:



Salt Intake

Swelling from hard training

Diuretics -Alcohol, caffeine, sodas

Meal Timing

Menstrual Cycle


Bowel Movements

Glycogen stores

Time weight is taken

The scale Is helpful in that it provides a piece of data that can help to indicate whether progress is moving in the right direction or not over a LONG COURSE OF TIME. NOT in the time-frame of a few days or weeks. Weight loss is not linear. NEVER will be.

If you are finding yourself overly concerned with the scale, time to put it away. Focus on other areas of progress/improvement. This is when accountability is important. Don’t have a nutritionist/coach? Time to think about one.

Get in Touch:

FB: @nutrigoalsbysc

IG: @nutri_goals

Text: 860.390.1412





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