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Now Offering Flexible Meal Plans for Purchase!

Eat the foods you love, get the body you want, reach your goals.

Who is this for?

The individual who doesn't want the accountability piece, but wants an enjoyable meal plan where they can still meet their goals

The individual that doesn't know how to control portions

The individual that is tired of being restricted

Who is this NOT for?

The individual that needs accountability/coaching

The individual who needs an extra push

The individual with clinical chief complaints

What does it include?

Health questionnaire to learn about your current health status

30 minute consultation

An individualized flexible meal plan with foods you love based off calculated macros to meet your goals

What does it NOT include?




The extras

Clinical components

Supplement recommendations


$115.00 for meal plan

$55.00 for individualized future updates if wanted


This is strictly a meal plan with about 15-20 different meal options based off foods you love, customized to meet your daily macros towards your GOAL!

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