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Now Offering Child/Family Meal Plans!!


Nutrition and healthy eating doesn't have to wait until it's too late to change. It can begin right at childhood. If you’re a parent or caretaker, you know healthy eating for kids in today’s world is not easy. In fact, what feels right and healthy for you doesn’t jive with what your kids want to eat, or even what they will eat.

Many parents today strive to focus on healthy eating for kids, but they get tripped up. Their intentions and desires don’t match up with their day to day reality. Throw a real challenge into the mix like picky eating or overeating and things can get messy, emotional and frustrating.

Whether you are looking for healthier eating habits, support for your growing teen athlete, or family nutrition in general...this is for you!

Package includes the following:

Complete meal plan for your child/growing teen/family

Weekly check-ins with parent/caretaker to assess child's progress

Nutrition counseling



Child (ages 3-18):

One Month: $150; Three Months: $400

Parent/Caretaker + Child:

One Month: $300; Three Months: $750

Family (up to 5 members):

One Month: $450; Three Months: $1000

**All meal plans require a food scale

I help parents/caretakers with the following during weekly check-ins:

  • Navigate picky eating in positive, productive ways, and prevent you from making it worse

  • Calmly guide your over-eater into greater mindfulness and self-regulation with eating

  • Set up a food system that will cure your child’s snacking tendencies, food sneaking, and more

  • Start off on the right food when selecting food and feeding your baby or young child

  • Ensure your child is nourished and satisfied after eating

  • Energize your growing athlete while optimizing performance at the same time

  • Raise a healthy eater who lives in a healthy body and has a healthy relationship with food

  • Emphasize healthy eating for kids without going overboard

  • Do the job of feeding your child with thoughtfulness, direction and ease!

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