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Not all client WINS are with weight loss! This is one you WANT to READ!

Adrenal Hypofunction:


My client came to me with the following chief complaints:

1.) Low systolic blood pressure

2.) Chronic fatigue

3.) Weakness and dizziness

4.) Extreme exhaustion

5.) Poor circulation

During her consultation she mentioned she has odd, random cravings for salt. Then, one potato chip would turn into an entire bag.

As a clinical nutritionist, I am trained to see/hear the “extras”! Everything you say and show tells a story. Cravings of extreme salt told me right away that this client was suffering from Adrenal Hypofunction. Her lab work confirmed my theory.

Lab work patterns are KEY:

Client’s potassium levels were below optimal with decreased sodium, and chloride. In addition, client had decreased aldosterone and cortisol levels with an increase in urinary chloride.

Ah HA! Adrenal hypo function can cause a decrease in the secretions of both the glucocorticoid and mineralcorticoid hormones. The decrease in aldosterone, will have a MAJOR impact on potassium metabolism.

What did we do?

1.) Cleaned up the diet entirely. Removed processed foods/sugars

2.) Supported the adrenals with DHEA and HPA select supplementation

3.) Corrected water intake

4.) Lowered outside stressors by practicing and implementing enjoyable “new” habits

Client is back to running, feeling better, and loving herself again. To me, this is a WIN!

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