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Never Underestimate the Sexiness of Consistency

“Never Underestimate the Sexiness of Consistency.”

Consistency is power.

We put so much energy in the discovery of new things, but the real progress happens just by showing up every day. This goes for everything in life. Health. Mindset. Physical Goals. Business. Nutrition. Everything.

Three things my favorite professor 👨‍🏫 said that I have never forgotten:

1️⃣If you want to lose weight, the most knowledgeable are bodybuilders. No one knows how to manipulate the system like they do.

2️⃣Back to basics. Always.

3️⃣Consistency is always key. To every type of goal.

The greatest thing about consistency is it’s not complicated. It’s not expensive (unless you want it to be). It’s actually very simple. It’s all about sticking with your routine.

Just show up. Keep going. Results (with whatever goal you desire) will show.

Now, with that said…You need to make sure you have the right plan to be consistent with to meet your goals. Work-out routine, meal-plan, mindset, self-love, etc.

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