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More About Flexible Eating Plans

I’ve gotten some questions on my flexible eating plans and what exactly it is. Hopefully this helps:

What is flexible eating?

🍅Eating mostly healthy foods, but also enjoying less healthy foods that you love in moderation (80% whole, healthier choices and 20% less ideal choices)

🥜A sustainable, effective approach that allows you to enjoy foods you love in moderation knowing they won’t offset your progress

🍔No restriction


🥗No one got skinny from eating ONE salad

🍩No one got fat from eating ONE donut

What does my plan include:

1️⃣Health Questionnaire

2️⃣Followed by 30 minute consultation

3️⃣Flexible meal plan with 15-20 meal options



$55.00 for future updates/alterations (if needed)

Contact Me:

FB: @nutrigoalsbysc

IG: @nutri_goals

Text: 860.390.1412

I work with people around the 🌎; all my services are online/virtual!

My flexible meal plans are just that, a meal plan to help you reach your GOALS. There is not monthly check-ins or monitoring with this option. If you are looking for more accountability, take a peak at my general weight loss/transformation plans.

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