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MAY is all about LUPUS


May is all about Lupus.

Food plays an outstanding role for individuals with Lupus, not only by its nutritional value, but by its capacity to modify the structure and foundation of the gut microbiota. In addition, an adequate diet is important to help fight the associated comorbidities in SLE which increase the cardiovascular risk: diabetes mellitus, metabolic syndrome, dyslipidemia and obesity.

Here is a list of some nutrients that you should be aware of and how they can help with Lupus:

Omega-3 fatty acids:

🍒Elicit an anti-inflammatory effect by decreasing the level of C reactive protein (CRP)

🍒Regulates levels of total cholesterol

🍒Protects against free radicals

🍒Defends cardiovascular alteration by reducing the level of antibodies that regulate blood pressure

Good quality Proteins:

🥕Improves renal function


🍌Lowers blood pressure

🍌Lowers CRP

🍌Adequate water intake is required to avoid a low absorption of nutrients

Vitamin D3:

🍎Maintains immune system homeostasis

🍎Deficiency is associated with higher susceptibility of SLE and more severe disease activity

Vitamin C:

🍑Prevents oxidative stress

🍑Reduces inflammation

🍑Lowers antibodies levels

Vitamin B Complex:

🥑Helps reduce level of TG and LDL-C

Improves clinical symptoms in SLE

Make sure you have the right team of health-care professionals on your side.

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