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Learned Lessons from my Stepdaughter

My stepdaughter, Cassidy, painted me a rock with my business name on it. Her ambitions have always inspired me to be a better woman, wife, mother, and stepmother. I may not have given her the gift of life, but life gave me the gift of her. She has taught me that we don’t do things because we have to, we do them because we WANT to. It is my duty to demonstrate her worth to her through the choices I make, the way I advocate for her and myself, and the treatment I accept.

This is the same mentality I strive to bring to my clients.

I’ve aligned my business with my clients’ challenges, expanding my knowledge base to provide the types of services and intellect that can help solve the fascinating problems my client’s face. My stepdaughter has taught me to balance analytical thinking with creative brainpower to generate ideas that break away from historic precedent and support true innovation. Most importantly, I’ve learned to take the time to understand my clients’ at every level and from every angle to deliver powerful and responsive solutions that enhance their performance and allow them to reach their goals.

The lessons I’ve learned in my personal life, have allowed me to flourish professionally.

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