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Check Your Mindset to Reach Any GOAL

Mindset is such a detrimental part of reaching any goal.

The conversation in your mind (and in mine) is the only thing that will keep you doing the things you are supposed to do when there isn’t anyone else around to validate, cheerlead, or see your actions.

Rather than give up, now is the time to plan your future.

Practicing a positive mindset can help you immensely right now. Rather than focusing on the fact that the gyms are currently closed and grocery stores are running low on egg whites…try to think about the following:

🍓How can changing up training right now help me in the long run?

🍓What did we need more of that we now have time for while we’re just maintaining?

🍓How can we rise to the occasion of this new challenge?

🍓Can we take this extra time to work on some new nutrition habits that we can continue when things get return to “normal?”

You don’t reach ANY GOAL without your...

Mindset in check ✅

Excuses in the bag 💼

Realizing your ability to make decisions and prioritizing your concerns‼️How is it that you are still concerned with your egg yolk intake…but not your Starbucks latte with 7 shots of SF vanilla? 💥

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