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Are You Taking Your Vitamin C?

Currently giving everyone my 10% practitioner discount for Vitamin C. Contact me.

You should always take vitamin C, in my opinion. But, right now it is even more crucial.

✴️If you need some, contact everyone my 10% discount!

✴️Most animals can synthesize their own vitamin C which aids healing and restoration for most injury and illness. Because humans and certain primates lack one enzyme for innate vitamin C production, we obtain it solely through diet or supplementation. This is why inadequate nutrition manifested in sailors' scurvy on long journeys bereft of fresh fruit and vegetables (foods highest in vitamin C.) The symptoms of scurvy were lethargy, confusion, bleeding and bruising, joint pain, hair and tooth loss and skin discoloration. It is now understood that some of these symptoms were accelerated as collagen deteriorated. Vitamin C is critical in collagen's production, smooth functioning and replenishment. Collagen is the essential structural component of cells and tissues of blood vessels, tendons, ligaments and bone.

✴️Studies have linked vitamin C deficiency to cardiovascular and coronary heart diseases, certain cancers, as well as brain function and mood as ascorbic acid is important in the syntheses of norepinephrine, a neurotransmitter. Ascorbic acid is also involved in the cellular transmutation of fats into energy in the mitochondria by aiding the synthesis of carnitine as well as the cellular metabolism of cholesterol into bile acids. Vitamin C is vital to people with compromised respiratory function, such as asthmatics, COPD sufferers and smokers as it is an important antioxidant in lung tissue.

✴️Vitamin C is water soluble meaning what the body cannot use, it excretes. Yet vitamin C will also be excreted if not properly absorbed. A buffered form is the superior form for optimum absorption and our product uses three naturally buffered mineral sources for vitamin C.

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