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Wisdom Wednesday

The most telling characteristic of the perfect diet is the hidden assumption that the body remains unchanged and has the same nutritional needs at every stage of development. But, as we know, nothing could be further from reality. If there is any guarantee that comes with living in a body, it is change. Each second ten million red blood cells are born and die.

A forever changing body, means a forever changing diet.


  • By nourishing the body, we nourish the spark of life within the body.

  • Our relationship to food teaches us a great deal about who we are and how we live.

  • A truly evolved nutritional approach takes us fully into the body and beyond the body.

Time for Reflection:

  • How does your relationship to food obstruct awareness of your physical self?

  • How can food serve as a reminder of your spiritual nature and well-being?

  • If given all tools and measures in the world, how would you change your relationship to food and to your body?

Five Key Factors to Changing Diet:

  1. Lifestyle

  2. Environment

  3. Season

  4. Age

  5. Health

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