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SereniSelect - Targeted Supplementation Providing Support to Attain a Relaxed Mood and Serine Mind.


I am thrilled to now carry SereniSelect. During our current pandemic when we need extra support and relaxation the most, this supplement may help.

SereniSelect provides natural support for relaxation and calmness with a unique and potent blend of 3 clinically researched & time-honored ingredients.

40 million Americans experience overwhelming levels of anxiety and stress. Successful coping strategies include lifestyle modifications such as meditation, yoga and deep breathing, and supportive dietary habits such as limiting intake of caffeine, refined sugar and processed foods.

Thoughtful, targeted supplementation can provide additional support for attaining a relaxed mood and serene mind. Each nutrient and botanical in SereniSelect is researched for offering safe & beneficial calming effects.


*• GABA (Gaba Aminobutyric Acid) - A calming inhibitory neurotransmitter found naturally in the brain and gastrointestinal tract, GABA helps support healthy mood regulation and enables the relaxation of tense muscles.

*• L-Theanine - A soothing compound found naturally in tea, L-Theanine has been researched to help promote feelings of relaxed, alert calmness and to help support restful sleep. Provided in its well-studied, patented form: Suntheanine®.

* • Holy Basil (Tulsi) - This restorative Ayurvedic adaptogen helps to balance stress, support tranquil mind states and calm nerve pain. Tulsi also balances metabolic markers, and provides antioxidant, anti-microbial & anti-inflammatory benefits.

120 Vegetarian Capsules: $54.00 + Shipping

You can purchase in my online store here

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