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Why Work With Me?

Updated: Jul 17, 2020


I embrace biochemical individuality. What does that mean? What's right for one person, is just that, right for one person.

As any health professional, I seek a true way to vibrant health. Only 8% of chronic illness is due to genetics. The other 92% is due to lifestyle. Ultimately, leaving your health in your own hands. The percentage breakdown is as follows: 28% nutrition (food, beverages, supplements), 23% attitude (outlook, motivation, habits), 23% environment (air quality, exposure to toxins, stress), 18% mobility (posture, exercise, injury), 8% genetics (diseases, syndromes).

No matter what percentage you fall under, the path to true health is a personal one. But, with my help, you won't have to travel that path alone.

I don't claim to have all the answers. Instead, I do my best to raise the right questions and open it up for intelligent discussion. I am all about ongoing conversations and collaborations.

In addition, I am a CN (clinical nutritionist). We represent the gold standard for the advanced clinical nutrition practitioner. We meet rigorous academic, supervised experience, examination and continuing education requirements.

I have entered a period of seismic transformation of human health. From population-based care to personalized care. From the generic to the genomic. And most fundamentally, from disease care to authentic health care.

Nutrition stands at the epicenter of this transformation. The science of nutrition is surging ahead, and its message is profound: nutrition is the single most powerful determinant of a person's health.

I apply the latest nutrition science to the complexity of human health and function.

Be at the forefront of your transformation.

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