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To My Past, Current, and Future Clients:

To My Past, Current, and Future Clients:

I am surrounded with smart and amazing men/women in my professional life, and recently we zoom chatted about what we are most grateful for in this month of sharing gratitude and mindfulness. If you’ve ever wondered what drives your nutritionist to do her job, I’ve laid it out for you today. I’m here, doing the work I do, because these things make my job more gratifying than you can imagine.

I do it for love. Sharing my passion for food, nutrition and health is my true love. I could talk food and recipes and nutritional chemistry all day and all night. I’m thankful that I have the knowledge and expertise to educate my clients and that in doing so, I am helping others live the lives they want to live and reach their nutrition and wellness goals. There is nothing more rewarding.

I get to go on your journey. Everyone gets a customized “plan” to meet their goals, and every plan begins a journey that leads to your wellness. I don’t shove a “diet” at you and push you out the door. I craft meal plans from scratch, and incorporate behavioral goals, which means I get to support and applaud your work as you improve your behaviors, make better choices and figure out how to take your nutrition and wellness to the next level.

Checking in with my clients every week to cheer on their successes and offer support and accountability is truly fulfilling.

You are a better you. When I first meet you, you have “tried it all” or you are experiencing a new chapter of life, or you are struggling to find the you in your body. When we connect, you are EMPOWERED. You have no doubt that you can make choices that you feel good about. You enjoy your indulgences when you indulge. You have the know how to navigate any eating and wellness situation and that is truly inspiring.

I give thanks and gratitude for you, my clients, today, forever, and always.

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