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Nutri-Goals Core Values


These are my professional values here at Nutri Goals:

I Believe in the Power of Nutrition


There is a rich and evolving body of science illuminating nutrition’s impact on our health.


Nutrition is the core element of our health and can prevent and reverse disease.


Because our biology is unique, personalized nutrition most powerfully taps our health potential.

🍏NUTRITION IS Healthcare

Nutrition should be a core element of our healthcare culture and system, and all health professionals should be equipped and empowered to integrate nutrition into their work.

🍎NUTRITION IS an Ecosystem

Nutrition is an ecosystem of food growers and providers, scientists, academics, healthcare professionals, policymakers, philanthropists, corporations and more.

🍏NUTRITION IS for Everyone

Every person deserves access to healthy food and unbiased, science-based nutrition knowledge.

I believe in personalized nutrition-as it is a field that leverages human individuality to drive nutrition strategies that prevent, manage disease and optimize health.

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