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Nutri-Goals is part of the ANA‼️Six foundational values guide the work of the ANA:

  • Nutrition is a Science There is a rich and evolving body of science illuminating nutrition’s impact on our health.

  • Nutrition is Medicine Nutrition is the core of our health and can prevent and reverse disease.

  • Nutrition is Personal Because our biology is unique, personalized nutrition most powerfully taps our health potential.

  • Nutrition is Healthcare Nutrition belongs in the core of our healthcare culture and system, and all health professionals should be equipped and empowered to integrate nutrition into their work.

  • Nutrition is an Ecosystem Nutrition is an ecosystem of food growers and providers, scientists, academics, healthcare professionals, policymakers, philanthropists, corporations and more.

  • Nutrition is for Everyone Every person deserves access to healthy food and unbiased, science-based nutrition knowledge.

🧠PN is a field that leverages human individuality to drive nutrition strategies that prevent, manage, and treat disease and optimize health.


💥PN science and data

💥PN professional education and training

💥PN guidance and therapeutics

Get the right health care team on your side!

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