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Communicate Effectively with YOURSELF and others


When it comes to your goals, communication with YOURSELF is important to keep them in check!

How to communicate more effectively with your language when speaking to yourself (and others):

  • Make your messages clear, and direct

  • Own your messages: Use "I" and "MY"

  • Match our actions and nonverbal cues to your words

  • State your expectations clearly

  • Separate facts from opinions

  • Focus on ONE THING at a time -don't overwhelm yourself

  • Imaging yourself in someone else's position -What might they need to hear?

By practicing effective communication with yourself, you will also learn how to give your listeners what they need as well. However, the way you utilize language when speaking to yourself will make a world of a difference when it comes to prioritizing your goals, needs and finding time to prioritize the most important aspirations first.

What one form of effective communication can you work on, TODAY?

*Inspired by Precision Nutrition*

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