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Coaching/Mentoring -Why Being in a Deficit Isn't Enough for Sustainable Weight Loss


Coaching and mentoring is a way of life. It’s getting more out of a short period of time because we all have so many demands in our lives. Unless there is someone to help us control our focus, measure it and help us to maximize our results -then we usually don’t maximize at the level we could.

If you’re looking for the biggest results in the shortest period of time, coaching Is it.

Most people can lose weight easily in a deficit; however, not everyone can do the other things that MATTER most for sustainable weight loss:

🔷Habit Changing

🔷New Routines


🔷Align Goals with Values

🔷Find and Eliminate Triggers

🔷Lower Stress Levels

🔷Ditch the All or Nothing Mentality

🔷Celebrate Non-Scale Victories

🔷Change Weekend Habits

🔷Learn to Tell Others NO

🔷Understand what you WANT versus what you are actually WILLING to DO!

Proper coaching/mentoring addresses all of these and more that apply directly to YOU.

Whether it’s weight loss/gain, what is keeping you SAFE, will always keep you STUCK.

Interested in coaching: INQUIRE HERE

Who Can Apply?

ANYONE! I even welcome children/teens ages 12-18 with parental consent -as this is a perfect age to begin new habits!!

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