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Benefits of Green Tea for Weight Loss


Not only is green tea an excellent antioxidant and anti carcinogen, it also has helpful dieting effects. Green tea burns fat directly, increases metabolism, and improves insulin sensitivity. In addition, it has the ability to help the body combat stress/fatigue while maintaining homeostasis.

Drinking green tea in between meals is a great way to keep hunger at bay. It serves as an appetite suppressant and helps combat unhealthy cravings. It can stimulate fat burning and is linked to preventing fat gain by inhibiting a process down as angiogenesis -the formation of new blood vessels - which fat tissue growth depends on.

Think beyond the drink. You can take green tea in a capsule form or add to your meals as well. You can put it in smoothies, overnight oats, steamed veggies. Steeped green tea or matcha powder can literally be incorporated into almost anything. Matcha also makes for excellent addition to curry and pancake batter.

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