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Essential Oil Wood Anxiety Bracelet

Essential Oil Wood Anxiety Bracelet


A clinical nutritionist doesn't just look at food, we look at the root of all ailments and every individual as just that -an individual.  One important aspect of health is mindset.  However, we can't have a positive mindset if it is flooded with fear, worry, anxiety, etc.  These bracelets can help to alleviate stress by placing a drop of your favorite essential oil to the wood bead.  You can wear your oils right on your wrist all day.


Modern life can be hectic, busy, and demanding with very little time for relaxation or simply slowing down and taking a step back from our responsibilities and commitments. As time goes on and our working and personal lives become more and more reliant and integrated with technological advances, it seems unlikely that this way of life will change or ease. This constant cycle of activity, stress, and always being on the go can compromise health and well-being on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level.

Anxiety disorders and related conditions are becoming more and more common among people of all ages. Even young children are being diagnosed with anxiety that will hinder their lives both at home and at school. Many people are prescribed conventional medicines to help to control their symptoms and to enable them to continue with their lives as normal. Not only can these medications cause a range of unpleasant side effects, they do not address the cause of the anxiety. Understandably, people can be reluctant to use these or only wish to use them short term. As an alternative to over the counter or prescription medications, there are many natural and drug free methods that can be used, including essential oils and healing.

Essential oils can be used to bring calm and inner peace to your life. They can be used regularly as a relaxing break from everyday life or whenever they are needed to help you prepare or cope with specific circumstances.  My personal favorite, lavender, is a safe and effective therapy for all ages and will not have any negative impact on any other treatments or medications that are being used at the time. It is gentle enough to be used by the elderly,children, pregnant women and anyone who suffers with chronic or reoccurring illness.


May my essence within my work inspire you, be meaningful, fulfilling and worthwhile.  ♥  Thank you for your purchase :o)


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